Dr Newton’s Hypnotherapy Recordings

Let me help you cope with areas of concern

We often wish to change something about ourselves or cope a little better with our lives. Through hypnosis we relax the body and mind. This permits suggestions for self change to begin working. By allowing your mind to listen my words, you will boost your motivation in your quest for self-help.

I began making these recordings more than twenty years ago. Clients often asked me whether they could record our sessions to play at home, to reinforce the positive effects of our sessions.
It occurred to me that there are many areas of concern common to many people. So I chose the most frequently requested areas and made some professional recordings.
Some years before, I had been inspired by listening to hypnosis recordings produced by Lars Eric Unestall of Slveda – these had been backed with beautiful classical music.
I needed special music written to back my hypnosis recordings, music suitable for hypnosis. I commissioned Paul Macleod to create this music, especially to complement my voice and rhythm of speech. The music can also be played seperately to create a hypnotic state. In the early years the recordings were produced as tapes and cds. Now they have been produced in digital format, for you to download.

These days, many of my clients still like to record our sessions on their phones and tablets.
I have used special music, Mystery by Michael McLean, to back a relaxation recording , ‘Journey to a Buddhist Cave Temple.’

My client feedback indicates that these recordings are very helpful, but only 50% as effective as a hypnosis session with me in person.

The inspiration for these recordings came from my clients. The techniques suggested are drawn from many professional sources.
Special thanks to psychologist Pam Young BA (Hons), author of Personal Change through Self Hypnosis
This ebook can be purchased from www.selfhypnosis.net.au

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